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April 18th Tax Deadline

April 12th, 2023|0 Comments

Although it comes around every year like clockwork, tax season still surprises many. It can lead to several weeks of anxiety with trying to gather together documents. Rather than allowing yourself to be inundated with [...]

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Biggest Changes this 2023 Tax Season

March 15th, 2023|0 Comments

It is that time of the year again – tax season. Tax season can be very stressful for many Americans. However, ORT Consultants can make navigating tax time a breeze. Our experienced tax professionals can [...]

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Most Common Problems with Payroll Taxes

December 15th, 2022|0 Comments

Businesses of all sizes may have issues when it comes to payroll taxes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is generally not forgiving – leaving businesses on edge when tax season comes around. Still, by understanding [...]

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Student Loan Forgiveness and Taxes

October 18th, 2022|0 Comments

The question on every graduate’s mind is whether they will need to pay taxes on their student loan forgiveness. The one-time student loan forgiveness will forgive $10k for most borrowers earning under $125,000 annually or [...]

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Summer Tax Deadlines

May 11th, 2022|0 Comments

The 2021 tax season is at an end for many Americans, because April 18th marked the last day to file a 2021 tax return and pay any taxes due. April 18th also marked the due [...]

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Small Business Audit Services

April 15th, 2022|0 Comments

Receiving a letter from the IRS stating that your business will be audited is enough to make anyone’s head hurt and your blood pressure rise. After all, about 1 in 100 small businesses are audited [...]

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Personal Finances

February 15th, 2022|0 Comments

Personal financial planning is essential in today’s complex economic environment. Creating a personal budget, creating a saving plan and account, setting up tax planning, and addressing debts through the establishment of a debt management plan [...]

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New Year Tax Tips

January 19th, 2022|0 Comments

The New Year is upon us and tax season is beginning. While it’s is true that most money-saving options to defer income or accelerate deductions become much more limited after December 31, there are still [...]

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Spending Season

December 15th, 2021|0 Comments

Every year on December 25, a large, bearded man flies around the world in his sled pulled by nine magical reindeer to deliver toys and treats to children everywhere. This magical man goes house to [...]

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November 15th, 2021|0 Comments

Owning and operating your own small business requires a willingness and ability to wear multiple hats. There are always numerous things going on at once and they all require your expertise. It can quickly become [...]

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Avoidable Mistakes

October 15th, 2021|0 Comments

Moving from employee to small business owner is one of the more difficult tasks one can undertake. There are many things that new business owners can easily overlook or be unprepared for. There is a [...]

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Telecommunication and You

September 15th, 2021|0 Comments

Commuting to and from work is not always the best part of the day. With traffic, accidents, road work, and crazy drivers, commuting can be very frustrating and can produce a lot of stress and [...]

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Recovering from a Pandemic

August 15th, 2021|0 Comments

The coronavirus changed the way that a lot of business is done. Unfortunately, there were a number of businesses that did not survive. The world we live in today, with the pandemic still present, is [...]

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What is Right for You?

July 8th, 2021|0 Comments

What does a tax consultant do? This is the first question that needs to be asked when looking for someone to help you maximize your financial gains. If you do not know what a tax [...]

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The Biden Tax Proposal and You

June 15th, 2021|0 Comments

It is time to see how President Biden’s proposed tax plans will affect you and your family. When President Biden took office, he laid out his plan to fund expanded education, child care, paid leave [...]

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Planning Your Future

May 15th, 2021|0 Comments

The world is a volatile place right now. As we start trying to get back to some form of Post COVID normalcy, it seems like everything is touch and go at the moment. What does [...]

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COVID 19 and Your Taxes

April 15th, 2021|0 Comments

2020 was a year that many would, understandably, prefer to put behind them. The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed our world in ways that it may never recover from, so the only thing to do is [...]

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Quick QuickBooks

March 15th, 2021|0 Comments

It is that time of year – April 15 is right around the corner and it is time to get the necessary inventory, payroll, invoice, and tax filing information together for the accounting department.  Small [...]

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Profitable Strategies for 2021

November 16th, 2020|0 Comments

A wise money manager pays attention to their finances on a daily basis – even if they utilize the services of a financial advisor or consulting group. At the same time, it is a good [...]

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Retirement and Tax Planning

July 30th, 2020|0 Comments

When planning your retirement income, it is important to remember to factor investment gains and expenses when deciding what type of investment vehicles you want to buy. Sometimes an attractive investment appears to be tax [...]

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Personal Financial Planning

June 15th, 2020|0 Comments

Personal financial planning is essential in today’s complex economic environment. Creating a personal budget, setting up tax planning, creating a savings plan and account, and addressing debts through the establishment of a debt management plan [...]

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The Basics of Non-Profit Organization Taxes

May 13th, 2020|0 Comments

Non-profit – or NPO or Not-for-Profit (or charity) – organizations are institutions or foundations that dedicate their efforts to and advocate for a particular social cause. According to recent figures there are over a million [...]

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Strategy Consulting in a New Decade

March 18th, 2020|0 Comments

With each new decade ushered in, the ability to maneuver the increasingly sophisticated financial terrain becomes ever more challenging. Even half a century ago, startups required nothing more than a garage and some moxie. Now, [...]

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A Primer on Financial Statements

February 19th, 2020|0 Comments

Financial statements are the lifeblood of a company. They outline the fiscal health of a business by showing the income taken in and laid out (income statements and cash flow), the outcomes of this activity [...]

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End-of-the-Year Smart Money Moves

November 22nd, 2019|0 Comments

Before you immerse yourself fully in the spirit of the holidays, take some time to review your finances and ensure you can enjoy this time worry-free. Here are a few suggestions that should make your [...]

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Financial Education Begins in Childhood

September 15th, 2019|0 Comments

A basic financial education will give your kids the best chance at a successful and prosperous life. Getting your kids on the path to fiscal responsibility is important, and teaching them how to manage their [...]

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Avoiding A Tax Audit

August 28th, 2019|0 Comments

While there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll never be faced with an IRS audit, hiring the tax experts at ORT Consulting can make this unpleasant event less of a possibility. […]

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A Primer on Financial Reporting

June 19th, 2019|0 Comments

While business consultants are generally experts in all aspects of accounting, tax services and more, we know that many small and medium-sized business owners are often not as well-versed in the range of financial reports [...]

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Business Accounting

May 19th, 2019|0 Comments

If you are a business owner, you don’t need reminding that the accounting end of the business is one of the most important – and one of the most tedious – responsibilities. It is vital [...]

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About Financial Services

April 15th, 2019|0 Comments

Financial services companies perform a variety of important roles. They support their clients through financial and investment advising based on their expertise and training. They may also manage, exchange or hold money on behalf of [...]

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ORT Consulting

February 12th, 2019|0 Comments

One of the greatest challenges in life is to keep your financial house in order. It requires attention to detail and focus – both encumbering a large amount of time that you believe might be [...]

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Budgeting for the Holidays

September 11th, 2018|0 Comments

You’ve worked hard all year keeping your budget on track. Don’t derail it when the holidays roll around. Retailers make the most money of the year during the December holidays, but that doesn’t mean you [...]

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What to Look for in a CPA

August 22nd, 2018|0 Comments

Are you an entrepreneur? A small, mid-size or large business owner? No matter where you settle on the continuum of conducting business, you are likely going to need a certified public accountant. There are only [...]

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Paying Taxes as a Freelancer

July 15th, 2018|0 Comments

The number of businesses who hire freelancers is growing every year. Generally speaking, it’s a win-win for both parties. Employers reduce the cost of benefits, pay for services only when needed, and can select from [...]

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Surviving A Tax Audit

May 20th, 2018|0 Comments

You've filed your income tax with the IRS and breathed a sigh of relief; then you're notified that you're being audited. If the IRS taps you for an audit, don't panic. While you don't have [...]

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Put Your Tax Refund To Work For You

April 18th, 2018|0 Comments

As tax time rolls around, many people look forward to getting a tax refund. Their first thought is often, “how can we spend it?” This year consider saving your refund instead of spending it. Over [...]

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Tips For Better Cash Flow Management

December 14th, 2017|0 Comments

without a reliable process for tracking and collecting payments will eventually find it difficult to turn their revenues and profits into cash flow. One in four businesses fail because of interruptions to cash flow. Don’t [...]

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Is Canceled Debt Taxable?

February 10th, 2017|0 Comments

Basically, even cancelled or “forgiven debt” from a lender is still taxable income, according to the IRS. As such, it must be included as income on your tax return. Debts which you are personally responsible [...]

Elder Care and Support

February 2nd, 2017|0 Comments

As your family members get older they may need some help with day-to-day tasks. One of those tasks may be helping with their finances. Even ordinarily tasks, such as balancing a checkbook or paying bills [...]

What the “GAAP” Does

January 29th, 2017|0 Comments

If a company releases its financial statements to the public, it is required to follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, called GAAP, in the preparation of those statements. “GAAP” consists of three important sets of rules: [...]

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What an Accountant Does

January 27th, 2017|0 Comments

“An Accountant counts money!” says Mr. Joe Average; and he’s not wrong. But accountants do a lot more than just “crunch numbers”. Accountants deal with a wide range of finance-related chores that involve figures and [...]

Social Responsibility in Accounting

January 24th, 2017|0 Comments

Money is a great motivator, which is why financial reports exist. Financial reports must contain truthful and unbiased information, and accountants must create unbiased and accurate financial reports for those who deal with finance in [...]

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Bridging the GAAP

January 18th, 2017|0 Comments

Financial reporting means balance sheets, profit and loss statements, financial notes, and disclosures, and it has its own language.  It’s the language used to communicate information about the financial condition of a company, be it [...]

Basic Principles of Accounting

January 14th, 2017|0 Comments

These basic principles form the basis which modern accounting is based. The best-known of these principles are as follows: The Accrual Principle: The concept that accounting transactions should be recorded in the periods when they [...]

Accounting Principles

January 10th, 2017|0 Comments

Accounting principles are the rules and guidelines that companies must follow when reporting financial data.  American accounting principles are defined as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Companies must regularly file financial statements according to GAAP [...]

Accounting for Dummies

January 7th, 2017|0 Comments

Businesses get the money; Accountants keep the books.  Accountants keep businesses, governments and “not-for-profits” groups working by following systematic methods of recording their financial activity. […]

Accounting as a Career

January 3rd, 2017|0 Comments

Public accounting offers a varied career path.  The duties of an account will depend on the size of the firm , and is generally a “partnership” In a small firm, one may work on business [...]