One of the worst things that you can get in the mail is a letter stating that the IRS is going to do an official audit on you. IRS tax audits always take a long amount of time as the IRS requires you to gather all your valid records of everything reported in your tax returns.

The IRS is always does its audits with the upmost scurtiny. Many times if you do not comply with the Auditor’s requests the IRS will recalculate your tax and leave you with a large tax bill.

The biggest mistake that most make is thinking that you know what’s best when handling your own taxes. This is because every year the tax laws change and what could have been alright to do last year may mean something completely different this year.

Knowing this IRS auditors are trained to look for more information that you are usually obliged to legally provide. Its sad but many auditors use this fear and ignorance to their own advantage.

That’s where are our firm comes in, as our clients rarely talk to the IRS on their own. Our firm is more than willing to take all the necessary steps and fill out the correct paper work on your behalf.

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