When planning your estate it can be extremely complicated. There is a lot to think about like state taxes, bureaucracy, probate courts, unfair appraisals, health care concerns, eligibility of heirs just to name a few. If caught unaware it will end up costing you more than you bargained for.

Estate planning is always something that would be needed in the future, and many times the future comes way too early. However, if you are prepared with your plans for the estate it could save you heartaches as well as time and money.

More often when estate planning more questions pop up than answers, and when searching for answers on question eventually comes: Is all of it worth it in the end? So while looking for eligible heirs with or without children, at the legal age and protection of your estate from potential creditors of the heir, looking for credible help might sound difficult.

Fortunately for those who are searching for help in estate planning our team of lawyers are always willing to help.

What we need to know:

No two estates are different and our team of estate lawyers are ready to know your unique situation and the nature of your relationships. We offer dedication to your case through discussions, and recommendations through the use of research and tested tools to make planning as simple as possible. If there are any sudden changes in your estate planning we are also ready to make any necessary alterations no problem. We pride ourselves in being with you every step of the way.

What we help you with:

  • Clear Estate goals
  • Organization of your estate team
  • Evaluation of your estate options
  • Prepare all estate planning documents such as: wills, trusts, health care documents and power of attorney
  • Amount of Taxes at time of death
  • Transfer of assets to heir according to your wishes
  • Plan Amendment

We will also include:

  • Living Wills and Trusts
  • Lifetime Family Wealth Transfers