Any successful business professional will tell you that planning is the key to success. That statement means even more when talking about legally reducing your tax liability.

Our team is dedicated to not only having you and your business tax compliant, but also to recommending tax saving strategies to maximize your post tax income. You and your business is in the hands of professional tax preparers who are up to date in tax law, complex tax code and new tax regulations.

One of the best ways we help you save money in taxes is that we are continually looking for ways for you and your business to save money throughout the year, not only at the end of the tax year.

Here are several Tax Strategies we recommend:

  • Steady growth and preservation of assets by keeping the IRS out of your pockets
  • Defer your income so that you can keep your money now and pay less taxes in the future
  • Overall Reduce taxes on your income, estate, investments and retirement contributions so that you can live a better lifestyle.

Always remember that our team works for you and not for the IRS, these recommendations have serious implications to your tax returns.

Here are some of the in depth Tax Saving Strategies we use to help your save:

  • Splitting of income between several family members or legal entities to get the income fall into a lower tax bracket.
  • Shifting of income or expenses into a different year so that they can be taxed at a better rate.
  • Deferring your tax liabilities through certain investments such as pension plans, contributions or other similar type plans.
  • Use certain investments that would create an income that is tax exempt on either the federal and / or state level.

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