Growing a business needs money there is no question about it. However during preparation of your business loan many things can be missed.

If you prepare your requirements wrongly is could cause you to become flagged as high risk to banks and other money lending institutions. Once you are flagged as high risk it could be very difficult to secure a business loan for your company.

To assure that you put your best foot forward with the money lending institutions allow us to prepare a winning loan proposal for you. Proposals that we set up for our clients have a high likelihood of being approved by the lending institutions because they are created by the lender’s perspective.

What our winning loan proposals come with:

  • Executive Summary: The statement of what the purpose of the loan, and how much is needed
  • Pro-forma Cash Budgets and Financial Statements: We will show your data and underlying assumptions in a way that is easy for the banks to understand and eventually buy into
  • Owner’s Personal Financial Statements: We will present the last three years of your personal tax statements as well as help the bank identify what you will be using as collateral that is being pledged for the loan
  • Representation: We will apply with the loan proposals at the bank or lending institutions personally for you.

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