Taking care of your aging family member can sometimes turn into a difficult task especially when medical conditions are involved. Simple financial tasks such as taking care of a check book or paying monthly bills could be overwhelming.

While you could help yourself with the day to day finances of your aging family member, if you live too far or do not have enough time you might want to consider professional help.

With our elder care services, you get the help of a professional, honest and caring individual who will be able to take the time and give your elderly family member the time they need. This way your family member will be taken care of and you will be kept in the loop of any financial problems what may arise.

So whether or not your elderly family members just needs help with day to day financial help or needs extra help to enjoy their lives, you will be privy to:

  • Up to date record keeping of household bills, budgeting and expenses
  • Help with checkbook balancing as well as check writing
  • Bank account statements with money received and deposited.
  • Handling of day to day financial transactions such as home repairs, routine maintenance, and medical expenses.
  • Planning of retirement resources as well as safeguarding of any potential problems
  • Preparing, planning and filing of income, trust, gift and estate tax
  • Arranging of the proper level of health care, transportation, and care giver assessment

Keeping your elderly family members comfortable and stress free is important in the twilight of their lives. Our Elder care services are here to help your family members keep their independence as well as their financial freedom.

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