Opening a new business can be an exciting and thrilling time.

However, statistics are not on your side and it is up to you to make sure that your business does not fall by the wayside in the first few years of operation.

To make sure that your business does not eventually fail, a serious and methodical plan is needed. Success ultimately lies in the path you decide to take your company. We can help you avoid the common pitfalls of the new business owner and assure that your business reaches the success you deserve.

What we can help you when starting your business:

  1. Prepare an initial business plan to help clarify your marketing, management and financial plans
  2. Check on how much capital you need to start up
  3. Find the sources of any potential capital
  4. Select the correct business structure for your business
  5. Establish the correct billing and collection procedures to maximize cash flow
  6. Provide correct tax preparations when it comes to payroll
  7. Comply with insurance needs as well as comply with employment laws for employees
  8. Develop a strong partnership agreement if needed

By allowing us to help you form your new business we can assure that you get off the ground running.

Let us help you get to a good start for your business.