It is well known that a positive cash flow means that your business is doing well for itself. This means that the cash in is more than the cash out, otherwise you are pulling a profit. However, if your cash flow is negative it could mean serious problems for you and your business.

With our Cash management services you will be able to:

  • Know how to manage your cash needs
  • Find out what the best sources of cash in case you are in need
  • Prepare to keep in a good relationship with creditors and banks

We will begin by helping you start avoiding cash flow problems by doing a cash flow projection for you. We will start by doing a short time cash projection starting at a week to week projection and work our way up to monthly. Once a positive cash flow begins we can start looking at more long term projects such as annual and up to 5 year plan.

We will also help you prepare a historical cash flow report to help you see where your money was going previously. We can also provide you proven collection and payment techniques, cash collection acceleration techniques as well as help obtain the maximum rate of your idle money.

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