As your family members get older they may need some help with day-to-day tasks. One of those tasks may be helping with their finances.

Even ordinarily tasks, such as balancing a checkbook or paying bills may be something they forget or even avoid as being too difficult. If you had the time yourself, of course you would make sure their bills and day-to-day financial responsibilities are done; but that would take time from your own family obligations, and distance may be a factor also.

If you’re facing such an issue, you may want to consider having a professional step in.

The ORT Consulting Group elder care services have responsible, caring, honest and knowledgeable professionals that will look after your older family members to ensure your loved ones get the help they need to deal with their financial duties and personal needs.

Whether your loved ones are no longer independent, or just need some extra support, our elder care services you get help:

  • Paying household bills, budgeting, and record keeping.
  • Assistance with check writing and balancing checkbook.
  • Making sure money is received, receipted and deposited.
  • Helping in resolving household issues and unexpected situations.
  • Dealing with day-to-day financial issues: home repairs, maintenance, and medical expenses.
  • Managing retirement accounts and disbursements.
  • Addressing lifestyle, Social Security, pensions, Medicare, and insurance issues.

The ORT Consulting Group is dedicated to support personal and family financial management.