Why Hiring Professional Cash Flow Management Services is Crucial for Your Business

Cash flow management – the two words that can fuel a business owner’s dreams or haunt their financial nightmares. In the dynamic business landscape, keeping a close eye on your inflows and outflows is paramount. Hiring professional cash flow management services may be the answer for those who feel overwhelmed by this critical task. This [...]

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Mastering Personal Financial Planning: The Importance of Accounting in Securing Your Financial Future

Achieving financial security and independence is a universal aspiration, yet many individuals struggle to make ends meet or plan for the future effectively. Personal Financial Planning, a critical component of managing one’s finances, involves strategically allocating and managing resources to meet financial goals and secure a stable future. Within this realm, accounting is pivotal in [...]

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The Compelling Reasons to Hire a Professional Financial Planner

In a world where financial information is freely available online, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we can manage our finances independently. But the truth is, the world of finance can be complex and often confusing. Engaging a professional financial planner can be one of your most beneficial decisions, providing clarity [...]

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April 18th Tax Deadline

Although it comes around every year like clockwork, tax season still surprises many. It can lead to several weeks of anxiety with trying to gather together documents. Rather than allowing yourself to be inundated with tax stress, let the experts at ORT Consulting handle the tax preparation for you. The deadline to submit taxes this [...]

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Biggest Changes this 2023 Tax Season

It is that time of the year again – tax season. Tax season can be very stressful for many Americans. However, ORT Consultants can make navigating tax time a breeze. Our experienced tax professionals can assist you or your business in filing your tax return, as well as keeping up with bookkeeping throughout the remainder [...]

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Tips for Setting Up Non-Profit Organizations

The term non-profit organization is used frequently, but what does it mean? A non-profit organization qualifies for a tax exemption from the IRS when it’s operated for a public, social, or collective benefit as opposed to a business that generates profits for its owners. None of the profits from the entity are distributed amongst the [...]

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How to Prep for the Upcoming Tax Season

When tax season rolls around, life can become hectic. To make the process a little smoother, here are some things you can do to prepare as a small business owner. If you need assistance with your tax preparation for the 2023 tax season, please get in touch with our professionals at ORT Consulting. We can [...]

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Most Common Problems with Payroll Taxes

Businesses of all sizes may have issues when it comes to payroll taxes. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is generally not forgiving – leaving businesses on edge when tax season comes around. Still, by understanding and preparing for the most common problems with payroll taxes, companies can avoid any issues. Below, the experts at ORT [...]

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Leave Estate Planning to the Professionals

Estate planning is a critical step in planning your financial future. Without it, you could be opening up your estate to hefty taxes. Multiple heirs or a large estate tends to complicate matters, so everything must be planned out properly. ORT Consultants is here to assist with your estate planning. Our professional staff can handle [...]

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