Use Bookkeeping Services to Save Money

Small businesses grow over time, which means that your bookkeeping needs must evolve. While you may have started by keeping track of your business finances on your own, you may be in a position where it makes more sense to have a company, such as ORT Consulting, do your bookkeeping. There are several advantages to [...]

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Small Business Audit Services

Receiving a letter from the IRS stating that your business will be audited is enough to make anyone’s head hurt and your blood pressure rise. After all, about 1 in 100 small businesses are audited each year by the IRS. However, you can prepare in advance by having an accountant at ORT Consulting conduct an [...]

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Tax Preparation for Small Businesses

Tax laws change annually which makes it difficult for the average person to keep up with them. Although it may be tempting to file your business taxes yourself, you may be harming your business by doing so. You could incorrectly file your taxes or miss out on key deductions or credits. The tax professionals at [...]

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Personal Finances

Personal financial planning is essential in today’s complex economic environment. Creating a personal budget, creating a saving plan and account, setting up tax planning, and addressing debts through the establishment of a debt management plan are important steps. There are often many factors that are difficult to control and having a watchful eye on your [...]

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Owning and operating your own small business requires a willingness and ability to wear multiple hats. There are always numerous things going on at once and they all require your expertise. It can quickly become overwhelming if you are not properly staffed with the right people; people you can trust. One particular department is not [...]

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