Running a small business is the equivalent of working two full-time jobs. Nobody knows your business better than you do, so it is hard to turn over the reigns on certain aspects, such as financials, to another employee. However, trying to juggle every aspect of your business may be detrimental to your mental health. You may experience burnout without taking any time off or going on vacation. Rather than trusting the most important aspect of your business to someone without financial experience, turn to the experts at ORT Consulting. Our experienced accountants can perform many accounting services for your small business.

Account Services Provided by ORT Consulting

ORT Consulting can work with your small business to determine what services you need. We can create a custom package that is tailored specifically for your unique needs. We provide the following accounting services to small businesses on either a monthly or quarterly basis:

  1. Bank Account Reconciliation

Performing a bank account reconciliation allows you to stay on track with your business taxes, as well as detect any unwanted bank charges and ensure that all approved transactions were posted by your bank.

  1. Income Statement Generation

An income statement shows the business’s revenue minus the itemized expenses for that month or quarter. You will have a clear understanding of how your business is performing after receiving each income statement.

  1. Balance Sheet Generation

A balance sheet allows you to quickly determine the financial condition of your company. You can use this balance sheet to analyze which aspects of your business are performing better and where you should scale back.

  1. General Ledger Clean Up

The general ledger records every transaction conducted by your company. An accurate ledger will not have double billings or missing payments. Our accountants will sort through your ledger and ensure that all billings and payments are being properly recorded.

  1. Unlimited Consultations

Our accountants are always available whenever you need them. Do not hesitate to contact one of our accountants if you have any questions or concerns.

ORT Consulting has experienced accountants available to perform accounting services for your small business. Allow our accountants to lessen your workload by taking care of your financials. Contact our office at 773-637-8802 to inquire about our small business accounting services.