While business consultants are generally experts in all aspects of accounting, tax services and more, we know that many small and medium-sized business owners are often not as well-versed in the range of financial reports required of them to stay in business. A professional business consulting firm can help to relieve the stress associated with tending to the fiscal aspect of the company. What follows is a brief accounting of the basics of financial reporting.

• Financial reports are those documents required to track your profits and losses. Knowing how much money you are making and spending and the net profit, is the only way to stay solvent. Even so, many business owners are unfamiliar with developing and shaping business reports which can put the company’s health at risk.

• Another purpose of a financial report is to provide shareholders with a detailed standing of the fiscal viability of this company in which they have invested their own hard-earned money. Should you be in a partnership or in business with others, then it is imperative that the parameters of financial reporting appear in a contract among all parties.

• Financial reporting continues to be increasingly complex. One must take into account the continuous developments and implementation of financial regulations that affect how businesses operate within their industry. For example, do you know what financial derivative contracts and instruments are? If not, then does your consulting firm understand them? That’s just one instance of how money, markets and the world of business continues to be more demanding and all while you are trying to move your business forward.

• Today’s financial reporting requires technology expertise if you are larger than a ‘mom and pop’ store. Technology drives sales, marketing, and the design and delivery of the various forms of financial reports that are requisite to business ownership. Of course, business consultants will always urge their customers to familiarize themselves with various programs, such as QuickBooks, because it is advantageous to everyone when a business owner is comfortable with technology.

Technology has also made it possible to self-educate. This is important for people who can become smarter about business and financial reporting on their own time.

If you are looking for financial reporting support, the experts at ORT Consulting are available. We are an experienced and reputable business and look forward to working with yours!