While there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll never be faced with an IRS audit, hiring the tax experts at ORT Consulting can make this unpleasant event less of a possibility.

The IRS uses a variety of screening methods on each tax return to look for red flags that may prompt them to initiate an audit. Each return is screened twice – first at a local office and then again at a larger regional facility. The first thing they scan for are miscalculations. A error-filled or sloppy form will quickly catch their attention and invite a closer look.

They also review 1099 or W-2 forms for missing income from independent contracting, rents, and unreported royalties. The IRS uses sophisticated techniques to spot unreported income, so all income must be clearly documented on your return.

At their regional office, special software is used to “score” your tax return, and the higher your score, the higher your chances that it will be singled out for a more thorough evaluation. Your return should be completed as thoroughly and unremarkably as possible to avoid any additional scrutiny.

Using a tax professional is the number one way to minimize your chances of an audit. You should only hire accountants who are highly knowledgeable about current tax codes and specialize in IRS tax regulations.

The experts at ORT Consulting are skilled in all aspects of tax preparation and will complete your return so it is less likely to be flagged. Our experienced accountants will not only help you reduce your risk of an audit, but also minimize your tax bill. For a consultation, please call ORT Consulting at (773) 637-8802 or visit our website at www.ortconsulting.com.