Estate planning is a critical step in planning your financial future. Without it, you could be opening up your estate to hefty taxes. Multiple heirs or a large estate tends to complicate matters, so everything must be planned out properly. ORT Consultants is here to assist with your estate planning. Our professional staff can handle all aspects of your estate planning, including wills, trusts, and health care documents.

Why Have an Estate Plan?

Estate planning is not something that happens at a single point in time. Estate planning includes a living will and trust that grows and changes as new members come into the family or your property grows. Without an estate plan, the inheritance of your property can become difficult. The government may step in to determine how your property should be distributed. How your estate is divided may differ from how you originally intended it. This could also open your estate to paying additional and unnecessary taxes.

Process of Estate Planning

When you first come into ORT Consultants, we want to know your estate goals. Do you plan on dividing your estate or leaving it all to one individual? Would you prefer to leave a portion of your estate to a trust? We will start with a consultation to get a general idea of your plans. From there, we can jump into the details of estate planning.

Contact ORT Consultants for Assistance with Estate Planning

Although estate planning can initially seem overwhelming, our ORT Consulting professionals will streamline the process for you. We will break it down into manageable chunks, so you do not get overwhelmed. Once we have an idea of your wishes, you can sit back and let us take care of the rest. We are also on standby if you need to amend your will or estate plan at any time. Very rarely is it well-created and never updated. We can update your estate plan as frequently as you require over the years ahead. Please call ORT Consultants at (773) 637-8802 to speak with one of our experts regarding estate planning.