The world is a volatile place right now. As we start trying to get back to some form of Post COVID normalcy, it seems like everything is touch and go at the moment. What does not change, though, are our responsibilities to our families and their needs. It does not matter what is going on in the world – your children, pets, and adults need to eat. We need a roof over our head, and air conditioning that works going into these summer months. It is vital that we prepare for our long-term future now more than ever. If things outside are going to continue to be unstable, we need to ensure that we have done everything possible to stabilize our future. That means making healthy and intelligent investments, and diversifying where we put the money that is going to provide during our retirement.

One of the more popular retirement investment options is an IRA (Individual Retirement Account). IRAs are popular because they are easy to open, and often deliver anywhere between 7 and 10 percent annually. A Roth IRA has the advantage of compounding the interest which means even a small investment can offer a solid return.

A 401(k) is an Employer sponsored retirement account. These accounts allow for an employee to put a certain percentage of their paycheck into the account every pay period, which is generally matched by the employer up to a certain amount. One of the nice things about a 401(k) is that your investment is pretax. This means that your income is taxed based on your take home amount after the 401(k) investment is taken out, so you are paying a smaller amount of taxes. Both IRA’s and 401(k)’s allows your savings to grow tax free.

The experts at ORT Consulting are here to walk you through all decisions concerning your financial future. The best way to manage your funds so that you can provide for your family is our number one priority. We can help prepare your taxes and ensure that you get the largest return as well. If you have a diversified stock portfolio we can help you use that money in the most fiscally responsible way. No matter what your accounting concerns may be, our specialists at ORT Consulting are ready to guide you toward financial stability in your future.

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