Americans look at April 15 with disdain at this time of year. But with a bit of explanation you may come to understand the value of an annual review of your taxes with the help of a tax professional. There are many people who would never take the time to review their current financial situation if they were not forced to do so through the completion of their annual taxes. In this blog we will consider some of the advantages of having your taxes done by a professional – better ensuring that you will not hear back from the IRS after April 15!

·         When you use the services of a financial consulting firm, you will ultimately save time. Understanding the tax structure – which tends to change annually and can be approached from different perspectives depending on your age, family and marital situation – and becoming familiar with the tax codes, is akin to taking a college course or two. If you value your time you will turn this chore over to the experts.

·         Allowing a financial consulting firm to do your taxes also increases the likelihood that you won’t have any mistakes on your tax return. A consulting firm will use software tailored to the job and they will have been trained in the nuances of completing tax returns. Remember, if you make a mistake in your tax return, you face fines and lost revenue so it is more sensible to allow experts to do your taxes.

·         You can count on lowering your stress level if you allow professionals to complete your taxes. If you have ever tried to do your taxes on your own, either online or the old-fashioned paper and pencil way, then you know that you can quickly become frustrated no matter how much the government says they have streamlined the process. There are fewer chores in life that raise your stress level higher than doing your own taxes.

·         Turning your taxes over to a financial consultant has other benefits as well. It can be compared to the annual rite of spring cleaning! Consultants are also able to help you understand your current financial situation and help you set fiscal goals for the future. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and garnering wealth or a healthy bottom line takes time and reflection and expertise.

If you are in need of experts to help you complete your taxes and build a healthy financial foundation, contact ORT Consulting.