The new stimulus package for small business and non-profits is coming soon.  While this may be a financial relief to your small business, it is very important that you keep an eye on the fine print.  ORT Consulting can ensure that you take advantage of the benefits from the new stimulus package without suffering any of the financial pitfalls that may be waiting for you.

This bill may provide your business with an opportunity to apply for a second Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan with complete forgiveness, just like the first round of PPP loans.  If you did not apply the first time around, you should consider applying this time as PPP Loan funds have been replenished.  Our expert consultants at ORT Consulting can help ensure that you get every dollar you are eligible for.  ORT Consulting is also here to help you decipher whether there are extra funds you can apply for on your first PPP loan, all while paying the least amount of taxes possible.

While on the topic of PPP forgiveness, our consultants know that small business owners had their hopes up for automatic forgiveness on their smaller loans, which did not happen for many.  With this new bill, there is a way that you could still get forgiveness on that loan due to measures that are being released by the Small Business Administration allowing simpler applications for forgiveness on current or future smaller loans of $150,000 or less.  ORT Consultants has the knowledge and the personnel to ensure you get as much as you can so your small business can thrive.

If you do not follow the letter of the law, in regards to the stimulus bill, you may be susceptible to unforeseen negative monetary drawbacks because this stimulus package is not a gift with no strings attached.  If not managed properly, these impediments may not only affect your business directly, but your employees as well. Allow our consultants to help you navigate the new stimulus bill without any potential future liabilities.  The stimulus bill includes business vulnerabilities and hidden expenses if not navigated properly, and ORT Consulting has knowledgeable expert business management personnel to ensure your small business stays in the black and takes advantage of all of the benefits of this new stimulus without reaping any of the possible negative financial repercussions.