Although it comes around every year like clockwork, tax season still surprises many. It can lead to several weeks of anxiety with trying to gather together documents. Rather than allowing yourself to be inundated with tax stress, let the experts at ORT Consulting handle the tax preparation for you. The deadline to submit taxes this season is April 18th. If you request an extension to file your taxes, you have until October 16th to file.

Tax Preparation for All

Whether you are filing as an individual or a small business owner, ORT Consulting can work with you. Individuals benefit from our services by having peace of mind once their taxes are filed. The IRS has a few fundamental problems they look for in tax returns. Our professionals know how to look for these issues and correct them before we submit your tax return. This saves you the headache of an IRS audit down the line or from paying penalties.

Small business owners have a lot on their plates as it is. Handling your bookkeeping, payroll services, or tax preparation is a burden that we can take on. For example, our professionals know how to configure your payroll withholding amount best, so you are not overpaying in taxes.

We Stand Behind You During Audits

When ORT Consultants is tasked with your tax preparation, we take the time to dot our i’s and cross our t’s. You may be surprised that you are being audited, even though you used professional tax prep services. However, the IRS often chooses businesses at random for audits.

ORT Consultants will stand behind you during audit time to ensure that the IRS is not overextending in its information probe. We know the ins and outs of the tax laws, so we understand how much information you must provide to the IRS. Trust ORT Consultants to have your back during an IRS audit.

Contact ORT Consulting for Tax Prep

We strive to make tax time as easy as possible for you. Our experts stay current on the latest changes to tax regulations, so we know how best to file your taxes. Call us at (773) 637-8802 for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment with one of our tax professionals. The tax deadline is approaching, so do not hesitate to make an appointment.