It’s hard to imagine the feeling of dread that is experienced when you open a letter from the IRS stating that you are to be audited. IRS audits are long and drawn out because you must compile documentation on everything that was claimed in the tax returns. Personal audits are one thing, but business audits are on an entirely different level.

The IRS auditors are trained to dig deep into business audits and ask for information that may or may not be pertinent to their investigation. Rather than go through it alone, let ORT Consultants handle the bulk of the IRS audit for you. Our professionals will handle the bulk of the paperwork and communication with the IRS for you, so you can rest assured that all your ducks are in a row.

Ignoring an IRS Audit Request

A letter from the IRS should never be ignored. If you do not comply with the IRS auditor’s requests, the IRS will have free reign over your tax situation. This means that they can recalculate your taxes based on what they believe your tax burden should have been. Unless you provide the IRS with the requested documentation, they can potentially leave you liable for thousands of dollars in back taxes and penalties.

Why Hire ORT Consultants for an IRS Audit

Rather than deal with the headache of answering the IRS on your own, ORT Consultants will make sure that the IRS receives all necessary documentation. The intricacies of taxes laws change from year to year and staying up on the current tax statutes is not easy. An audit this year will be completely different from an IRS audit from 3 years ago. ORT Consultants stay up to date on the current tax laws, and we know how to expertly navigate an IRS audit.

Contact ORT Consultants for a Free Consultation

ORT Consultants are the experts that you want on your side during an IRS audit. We could save your business from potentially paying thousands in back taxes or penalties. Our professionals will gather all necessary information to answer the IRS audit questions in a timely manner on your behalf, saving you both time and headache. Please contact our office at 773-637-8802 for a free consultation on our IRS audit services.