It might be tempting to try and save money by not hiring an accountant for your business, but having an experienced accountant on your side can keep you a step ahead of the competition. The professionals at ORT Consulting will help ensure you’re spending your money wisely, show you the big financial picture, and offer guidance when tax time rolls around.

Keeping accurate financial records is vital to the success of your business. While accountants aren’t bookkeepers, they can create a customized record-keeping system that best serves the needs of your specific business. Using an efficient system will save you time, and give you a clearer idea of your company’s overall financial picture. A professional accountant will periodically review your accounts to verify that all your records are accurate.

Accountants do much more than juggle numbers; they are trained in the “language of business” and put that education to work for you. An accounting degree program involves extensive business analysis coursework that teaches how to work with a company’s raw data and transform it into vital information. This training enables accountants to analyze financial records and provide recommendations to business owners and managers, including ideas on how to reduce costs and maximize profits.

When it comes to taxes, a qualified accountant provides assistance in two important areas. They can help with tax planning by advising you on strategies to reduce your tax burden. They will also work with you to ensure that you are following all relevant tax laws and fulfilling all of your obligations.

The services of the right accountant can make all the difference in the success of your business. To learn what the experienced professionals at ORT can do for you, please call (773) 637-8802 or visit their website at