Small businesses grow over time, which means that your bookkeeping needs must evolve. While you may have started by keeping track of your business finances on your own, you may be in a position where it makes more sense to have a company, such as ORT Consulting, do your bookkeeping. There are several advantages to having a professional accountant take over your business finances:

  1. Save Money by Focusing on Your Business

As a business owner, you provide tremendous value to your company. Having your time tied up by bookkeeping means there is less time you can devote to running your business. If you are strapped for time running your business, it makes more sense to outsource your bookkeeping. You are free to acquire additional clients while having the peace of mind that your financials are in order.

  1. Stress-Free Tax Season

Our financial experts at ORT Consulting will ensure that you are correctly reporting every item on your taxes. We also scour your tax returns for any potential deductions that you may have missed. If the IRS audits your business, we will assist you throughout the entire audit process. You will no longer be required to go through a stressful IRS audit on your own.

  1. Business Growth

As your business grows, you may begin hiring employees or contractors. This means you have new obligations, such as payroll or 1099’s, to contend with. Navigating your taxes once you have a team of employees or contractors becomes trickier. Thankfully, our team at ORT Consulting can assist with your bookkeeping no matter how many employees your business has.

  1. Avoid Common Business Pitfalls

You may only grasp how well your business is doing around tax season when you conduct your year-end review. ORT Consulting maintains your bookkeeping throughout the year, so you will always know how well your business is doing. You can begin to see patterns on which products or services are less profitable at different times of the year.

Contact ORT Consulting for a free consultation at (773) 637-8802. Our team is expert at performing bookkeeping for both small and large businesses. We can assist you in taking one more thing off of your plate, so you have more time to dedicate to running your business.